I offer a variety of specialist services particular to market research translations.

Survey Overlay & QA: The overlay service entails copying the translated market research survey text into the format that is used to encode the survey; often XML. The QA of the survey involves following through a test run like a respondent would, to verify that all the content is appearing as it should, and that the routing of the survey is functioning as expected.

Because these services do not require direct linguistic input, and are done referring to the source and already-translated text, I can offer these in several European languages.

Rates are typically per hour for these services.

Data coding: Once data has been collected from a survey, it often needs to be “coded” or assigned numeric equivalents, in order for qualitative data to undergo quantitative analysis. I can offer this service for closed-end data in any language or open-ended (free text response) data in French, Spanish or English.

Rates are based on the number and length of responses to be coded.