Editing: also referred to as revision, involves a full review of the already translated text against the original source text. Accuracy of translation, terminology, use of appropriate style, plus spelling and grammar will all be checked and corrected as necessary.

I can provide editing services from French and Spanish into English.

Proofreading: Often interchangeable with editing and revision, but I use it to refer to monolingual proofreading of a text to check for spelling, grammar, clarity, readability and style.

I can provide proofreading services in English.

Rates are typically per hour, and time required is estimated based on the total word count.

Quality Assurance: This service can encompass a few different things depending on the project need. For example, it may just be a light spelling/grammar, completeness and formatting check done in Word. Or it may entail cross-checking a translated text against the typeset / print-ready format to ensure everything is present and displaying correctly.

Because this does not necessarily require linguistic knowledge, I can offer this service in a wider range of European languages. Rates are typically per hour and depend on the QA requirements.

Machine Translation Post-Editing: this involves review and correction of machine-translated text. The degree of post-editing required will depend on the quality of the machine translated output and the purpose of translation (is it just for general information or does it need to be of a higher degree of accuracy).

Post-editing rates may be based per word or hourly, depending on the project.