My primary specialism, the bulk of my experience is in the medical and life science sector. I graduated with a 1st class BSc (Dual Hons) in Forensic Science and French from Keele University, but decided on a career in language services rather than Forensics.

All of my 8 years’ working in the largest global Language Service Provider (LSP) companies has been in their life science translation divisions; first for RWS, then for SDL. As a result, I have worked with most of the world’s top pharmaceutical, clinical trial and medical device companies and have gained deep familiarity with a wide range of documents. Below are just a sample of the types of content I have worked with.

  • hospital reports
  • adverse event reports
  • journal articles
  • ethics committee correspondence
  • clinical trial protocols
  • investigator brochures
  • informed consent forms
  • medical device brochures
  • instructions for use (IFU)
  • patient information leaflets (PIL)
  • summary of product characteristics (SmPC)
  • consumer and healthcare practitioner market research surveys
  • patient recruitment materials
  • consumer healthcare marketing
  • training materials

I am proud to work as a volunteer translator/reviewer for Translators Without Borders.