Today we had a team building day from Positive Jack.

Involving members of the office team and operations crew, we completed various tasks such as Rollerball, Planks and Discs – but possibly the most interesting part of the day was the section on personality types. We worked from the Insights model, based on the four core types of Cool Blue, Fiery Red, Earth Green and Sunshine Yellow.

For this exercise, we each had to select three cards of each colour at random. On these cards were written statements, which we then had to give to the people in the group we thought they applied to most. The infographic above shows the Insights Wheel, surrounded by the statements I got given by my colleagues.

With a slight majority of blue (54%), swiftly followed by red (36%), I am firmly in the purple ‘Reformer’ section. On a more detailed wheel, divided into 56 ‘postcodes’, I’m in postcode 36 – on the Intuitive side, left of centre.

The nice thing about this exercise for me was that if asked to describe myself based on this model, I land up in the same place as when analysed by others.

Insights into me…

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